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Eburo of Cerberus!
17 May 2010 @ 01:05 am
Not much accomplished in the past few days, been leveling subs and trying to get my WHM set up.

I did however get FRAPS working properly with my game, so my journal will now include some pretty decent quality videos. :)

Did a ISNM and finally went 1/9 on khroma ore.

Then, I spent 7 hours farming a Tavnazia Bell so I can pop Altedour I Tavnazia and kill him and get my WHM AF body.

Eburo of Cerberus!
10 May 2010 @ 01:13 pm
Yesterday, my Linkshell and I did some Dynamis. We were originally meant to do Xarcabard, but someone jacked us. Then after a long debate we chose Valkurm.

The run went very smoothly, although time constraint made us all a little uneasy, and me accidentally blowing my 2hr early, we managed to kill the mega boss in a timely fashion, and have some time leftover for relic farming.

So anyways, our luck really wasn't too incredible this run...

We got a couple drops, but our last one really made the run! Congrats Kailya!

Had a little fun in this run, even busted out a fairly large Tachi: Rana on a hippogryph.

Later in the night, we headed down to sea, for something we've all been waiting for for a long time... Jailer of Justice x5! Unfortunately.... as if it was some sort of bad omen, not a single torque dropped. :(

I finally got myself a Justice Sword out of this, and we even managed to sell one off to someone in Whitegate.

Rana set + double minuet = sexy attack

Of course finally, obligatory pics of me humping Kailya's neck ^.^

To finish off today's entry, I wanted to give honorable mention to a godly taru named Forby, I met him today in Korroloka tunnel. He is awesome. That is all.

Eburo of Cerberus!
09 May 2010 @ 01:47 am
Today the linkshell attempted to kill Odin, I couldn't attend because I didn't have all the feathers... Well, apparently they were barely unsuccessful, due to a lack of participants.

So later on in the night, we had Proto-Omega to kill. I have been psyched about this for days. It's my first fight against him, and it is a great learning experience. Me and vassinator were the tanks, I ended up dying after we started kiting it at 25%% because I got stunned after an AoE move, and then nailed with a 650 damage attack when Omega stood up.

We kited him around a bit, killing the gunpods for some AF+1 items. A SAM AF+1 piece dropped, which I wish I had set for my comment. After we finally killed Omega, we had a pleasant surprise, a set of Homam Gambieras and Homam Cosciales! Congratulations to Mejai and Logophile!

Eburo of Cerberus!
04 May 2010 @ 11:50 pm
I'm starting to become part of the Cerberus community finally. I managed to find a Linkshell with a perfect event time for my availability! Sunday night we did 2 Jailers of Fortitude, and a Jailer of Temperance in sea. Unfortunately no torques dropped, but it was a nice experience. I learned how the NM's are fought and according to some other LS members, I did well. One even claimed "dude your sam is hot" which made me pretty happy to hear. I am glad that I am getting better daily again. Then Monday night, we farmed some HQ aern organs, and popped 2 Ix'aern (MNK). We got two vice of antipathy drops, which make Merciful cape, which two of our linkshell's Red Mages got.

So then today, I joined a Salvage static group with someone shouting in Whitegate. Again, very convenient scheduling. The runs are Mondays and Tuesdays right before my main LS's events. Tonight, we went through Silver Sea Remnants. Although we didn't expect to make it to the boss with 3 newer Salvage players (including myself), we actually did. Unfortunately the Long-armed Chariot charmed our two monks and then proceeded to rape everyone, then when the monks came uncharmed we kited it around a bit, until we ultimately all died at least once. It was a good effort, we got it to about 50 percent without me or the second monk using our 2hr's. (Which is what we planned to do.) I was sitting and praying the whole time that Tsukikazu sune-ate would drop, but sadly we didn't finish. I expect our next run(s) to go much smoother. I am very excited about next Monday.

On the climb, we didn't get much, a pair of Njord's Ledelsens (congratulations Raddmage) and Anu's Gages (congratulations Sydon). According to the wiki they're 100% drops.

Overall Salvage was a fun and new experience for me, I really hope this group stays together so I can become more familiar with it for my own future reference, as well as to complete my gear sets with the items I want. 
Eburo of Cerberus!
01 May 2010 @ 04:25 pm
OH YES!!!! *dance*

Thanks so much to RLAX Linkshell on Cerberus! You did a great job, and deserve a great reward, which is of course my 4,000,000 gil. :P

On to Salvage!!!
Eburo of Cerberus!
29 April 2010 @ 02:35 pm
Today I finally made the decision to move to another server. The reason I chose this server, is that there was great offer for me to have a shot at getting Byakko's Haidate here. So far, I am already pleased with how this is going. It looks like Sunday night I will be the proud new owner of some real haste pants.

So, it is definitely refreshing knowing I have a whole new fresh start now, with new people. I think it will be fun to make myself part of the community.
It's a little difficult not knowing anyone but one person here, but I have to start looking for an end-game Linkshell to join.

Current Mood: boredbored
Eburo of Cerberus!
29 March 2010 @ 11:35 pm
Apparently as a reward for my efforts and motivation, I am finally starting to see the light. The light that is better gear for my Samurai. Through many methods I have achieved goals and gotten specific great pieces, but not the greatest one of all. The one I had been working for weeks, even months. Finally it is a reality for me. I have beaten the Chains of Promathia expansion finally.

Rajas Ring will be mine tomorrow morning. From then on I can begin making improvements on my samurai without worries of keeping my 6 hit build with crappy gear. I can sell my Flame Ring, add to the money I have now, and buy a Peacock Charm. Things are finally looking up for me. Also, if I get an askar korazin, I'll be able to have a 6 hit tp build with a full haste setup. Thank you God.

As an extra little bonus, my first ever attempt at "Pulling the Plug" (solo) put out a Toreador's Ring, which I sold and bought a Haubergeon +1 with.

Eburo of Cerberus!
28 March 2010 @ 08:34 pm
I solo'd the Pulling the Plug ENM today. Me and Rikarii planned to duo it but she decided her trial spear couldn't wait, so I just scored a handsome 3mil, ALL FOR MYSELF!

Eburo of Cerberus!
27 March 2010 @ 08:08 pm
Unfortunately, again I don't really have much to say with this post. I have been busy still with the aftermath of Spring Break at work, and doing some things in game that consume a lot of time.

I sold my second cloud evoker in a row to Discoid, and for that I got kicked out of my HNM LS. Wonderful.

Then I bought a bunch of Ancient Beastcoins and got a Loquacious Earring.

This morning I did the Hagun ENM with Rikarii again, and a Hagun dropped! OMG! We sold it for 1,620,000 gil to someone in Whitegate. I don't know what to buy with it. I'm thinking of getting a Boxer's Mantle. Maybe I'll just keep it and be wealthy for a bit.

Anyways, another filler, check out this awesome video.

Eburo of Cerberus!
22 March 2010 @ 09:11 pm
Did some ZNM's with LS today and scored some aurum gloves for cool town gear and....


To compensate for the lack of content in this post, here's a badass song to listen to.